Artist Post: Pipilotti Rist

The encouragement of mind and positive energies, as well as destruction of social normalities and prejudices are tasks that Pipilotti Rist strives to achieve with her video and audio art. She chose the focus of digital media because “there is room in them for everything.” Especially in today’s culture, technology is everywhere. It is impossible to avoid and Rist uses that to her advantage, while also creating a statement. Ever Is Over All is a video and audio piece, which begins with a poised looking woman next to a clip of flowers. For the first 15 seconds, she seems gentle, but her proper demeanor quickly turns violent when she proceeds to shatter car windows.

Pipilotti Rist’s work seems to be all over the place, but it doesn’t come off as inconsistent. Given her artist statement, it might be intentional, but it was still hard for me to get a read on who she was as a person and what kind of aesthetic she wanted her art work to have. Despite all that, I liked her video sculptures the most, especially Enlight My Space. It was clean cut and organized, which was very satisfying to me. I enjoyed looking at it and simply admiring the balance, and then picking out the smaller details. Out of all her work, the one that spoke to me the most and projected my personal aesthetic was All ergic Rose. With it, Rist deviates from her typical medium to create a still life photo print of glitchy-looking pink and blue roses. The sharpness of the glitches contrasts nicely with the soft colors and flowers.

Enlight My Space

All ergic Rose