Artist Post: Evan Roth

Evan Roth is an artist who creates art based off of unintended use of technology. He typically works with digital art as a whole, but has been known to dabble in printmaking and sculptures. His art is featured in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s permanent collection. One of Roth’s most notable works, Graffiti Taxonomy: New York, is included in the collection. It shows different characters used in graffiti art, which makes for interesting comparisons between the letters themselves, but also the cities they are seen in. If what he makes doesn’t already have a modern tell, Roth puts a spin on it to make it more modern.

My immediate response to Evan Roth’s art is overall nostalgia. Several of his works show older electronics that I haven’t seen in years, which makes me (a freshman in college, just turned 18 four months ago, really not old at all) very old. However, a lot of his work that I liked the most didn’t have that feel. Total Internal Reflection spoke to my art aesthetic, because I was in love with the scenery and the way he enhanced it with color. TSA Communication was hilarious to watch, but it also brought to light the inspections done by TSA agents. Something as simple as art could be interpreted in a threatening way.

Graffiti Taxonomy : New York

Graffiti Taxonomy : New York

Total Internal Reflection