Artist Post: Yasunao Tone

Throughout his career, Yasunao Tone is an artist who has worked with many different mediums. However, he is mostly known for his musical and audio work. In it, he uses unconventional techniques to make interesting sounds. He has performed his work alone, and has been known to play in collaboration with other artists such as Florian Hecker and their piece, Palimpsest. Tone’s work transforms text into sound and music to create something that is truly different from anything else that has been created. He has released several CDs with his soundwork on them, which departs from the traditional use of a CD which is to include only music on it. While some people may consider Tone to create music, it seems more like a combination of sounds, especially in his album Musica Iconologos.

I’m sure there are many fans of Yasunao Tone out there, and that’s awesome! Everyone has their own opinion of art and what they like! But personally, I did not like what he’s created. I’m very sensitive to sounds, especially high pitched sounds, so it was very hard to listen to a lot of the audio. That being said, I did enjoy Upper Air Observation, which includes Tone, as well as pianists and flutists. The contrast between electronic and classical sounds was more pleasing than I would have ever believed it to be!

Musica Iconologos (click image to listen)

Upper Air Observation (click image to listen)